Our company

Colombiana Agrícola de Alimentos S.A.S. “Colagricola”, is a company that processes and markets precooked, pre-fried and frozen foods, specializing in cassava, Creole potato and banana. Created in 1997, we focus on providing stable jobs mainly for low-income families and producing healthy food to meet the needs of our consumers.

Through more than twenty years of experience in local and foreign markets, we have developed a processing system free of mixtures and/or preservatives, to protect the natural essence of the product using an individual Quick Freeze process.

Mission Statement

Produce and market high-quality food, achieving outstanding growth and innovation in line with the community and the environment, providing satisfaction to consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and partners. All of this is achieved by managing our activities under Sustainable Development practices, with the best human talent and exemplary corporate behavior.


By 2030, Colagricola will be recognized as a leading company in the Colombian business segment of production and marketing of precooked and frozen agricultural products, acting with a high level of quality and leadership nationally and internationally, with an adaptable and evolving structure and distribution aligned with the strategies of the company.


Activation, development and technification of the Colombian agro-industry.

To promote and technify the Colombian workforce.

To satisfy the needs and requests of our consumers.


Maintaining the culture of quality that accompanies each of the internal and external processes of our company as well as making our products and services our core strength based on the development of the Colombian Agro-Industry.

  .Our Values